Polemon II

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POLEMON II (d. 74 c.e.), king of Cilicia. The Judean princess, *Berenice, widow of Herod of Chalcis, induced Polemon to undergo circumcision and marry her in an attempt to suppress rumors detrimental to her reputation. Polemon, with an eye to her wealth, accepted the proposal, but the marriage did not last long. Berenice deserted her husband, and the king, according to Josephus, "was relieved simultaneously of his marriage and of further adherence to the Jewish way of life" (Ant., 20:145–6). Polemon of Cilicia has been confused with Julius Polemon, king of Pontus from 37–63 c.e., who vistited *Agrippai at Tiberias.


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[Isaiah Gafni]