Petrus Collivaccinus (Beneventanus)

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Canonist and cardinal; b. Benevento, of the noble family of the Collis Vaccini; d. Rome, Sept. 21, 1219 or 1220. He studied and taught canon law in Bologna, probably with Lothar of Segni, later Pope Innocent III, in the school of huguccio. He may have followed Lothar to Rome, where he appeared as early as 1205 as Capellanus Domini Pupae. In 1210 he was called by the pope himself subdiaconus et notarius noster. He is recorded as cardinal deacon of S. Maria in Aquiro from March 15, 1212, to March 7, 1216, and as cardinal priest of S. Lorenzo in Damaso from April 13, 1216, to March 1217; before April 19, 1217, Pope Hanorius III named him cardinal bishop of Sabina. As confidant of two popes he took part in various missions, of which the most important was the legation of 1214 and 1215 for the Albigensian territory. Another of his achievements was the compilation of the Compilatio III Antiqua. This compilation was commissioned by Innocent III in 1210; it arranged the decretals of the first 12 years of the pontificate of Innocent III in five books and was the first such collection officially given to school and forum. He was probably the author of the Summa Reginensis on the Decretum of Gratian (see gratian, decretum of).

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Petrus Collivaccinus (Beneventanus)

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