Perlman, Samuel

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PERLMAN, SAMUEL (1887–1958), editor and translator. Born in Minsk, Perlman settled in Ereẓ Israel in 1914. During World War i he was among those exiled to Alexandria; there he directed a school for refugee children. On his return he became an editor of *Haaretz. He again left for abroad, and, in Berlin, was one of the editors of *Haolam. Later, together with *Jabotinsky, he founded the Ha-Sefer publishing house; the two were also the joint editors of the first modern Hebrew atlas (1926). Between 1926 and 1932, Perlman was a teacher and the director of the Boston *Hebrew Teachers' College. Returning to Ereẓ Israel in 1932, he became active in the publishing field, joining Devir in 1944. While he wrote articles on literary subjects, he engaged primarily in translation; Perlman's major work was the translation into Hebrew of Heine's prose works. He also translated works by Herzl and Strindberg.


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