Palma, La

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PALMA, LA, city in Andalusia, near Córdoba, S.W. Spain. The only information available on a Jewish settlement there dates from the end of the period of Jewish residence in Spain. The town was located on the estate of Don Luis de Puertocarrero, who granted refuge to the *Conversos of Córdoba when they fled to La Palma after the riots of 1473. The small community reached the high point of its history with the arrival of another large group of Conversos who had fled from *Ciudad Real on the outbreak of further anti-Converso riots in 1474. In La Palma the Conversos once again returned to Judaism, calling upon the services of a rabbi who later himself became converted to Christianity (adopting the name Fernando de Trujillo) and who, upon entering the service of the *Inquisition in Ciudad Real in 1483, denounced the whole community by revealing the details of its return to Judaism. In 1485, upon payment of 60 castellanos, its share in the expenses of the war against Granada, the community of La Palma was incorporated into that of *Córdoba.


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[Haim Beinart]