Nicholas Paglia, Bl.

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Disciple of St. dominic, preacher, founder of priories at Trani, Perugia, and, perhaps, Todi; b. Giovinazzo, near Bari, Italy, 1197; d. Perugia, Italy, Feb. 11, 1255. While studying law in bologna, he heard Dominic preach (1218) and joined the Dominican Order. He was twice provincial of the Roman province (123035 and in 1255). In 1231 gregory ix appointed him to reform the overly strict Benedictine monks of sant' antimo. He was present (1233) at the translation of Dominic's body. Prudent, charitable, and compassionate, especially to fellow religious, as superior he preached fraternal charity and joy and asked for willing, loving obedience. His relics repose under the high altar in Perugia. leo xii beatified him on March 26, 1828. He is pictured, once by Fra Angelico (see fiesole, guido da), with rods (authority), a book (learning), and church models (founder).

Feast: Feb. 14.

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Nicholas Paglia, Bl.

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