Nicetius of Trier, St.

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Bishop; b. probably Limoges, France; d. Trier, Germany, December 5, 566. A benedictine monk and abbot, Nicetius was called to Trier c. 525 by the Frankish King Theodoric I (d. 534). He renewed his diocese by reform of clergy and promotion of monasticism, and by rebuilding churches that had fallen into disrepair, especially the cathedral. He is considered one of Trier's greatest bishops. Nicetius was active at several merovingian synods, taking part in those of Clermont-Ferrand in 535, Orléans in 549, Toul in 550, and Paris in 551. He fearlessly denounced the transgressions of Kings Theodebert I (d. 547) and Clotaire I (d. 561). Clotaire banished him for his outspoken criticism in 560, but he was restored with honors the following year by King Sigebert I (d. 575). His correspondence with the Lombard Queen Clodiswind (d. 570) and the Byzantine Emperor justinian i is evidence of his wider influence. He is buried in the church of St. Maximin in Trier.

Feast: Dec. 5.

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