Muszkat, Marion

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MUSZKAT, MARION (Marian, Maks ; 1915–1995), jurist. Born in Suwalki, Muszkat served in the Polish army during World War ii, rising to the rank of colonel. In 1944 he was appointed a military judge and in the following year headed the Polish military delegation at the Nuremberg war-crimes trials. In 1949 Muszkat became lecturer at the Polish Academy of Political Science and later professor of international law at the University of Warsaw. He emigrated to Israel in 1957 and lectured in international law at the Tel Aviv extension of The Hebrew University, being appointed professor when the institution became Tel Aviv University. Muszkat's works include Interwencja – zbrodniczej-polityki Stanów Zjednoczonych ("Intervention – Criminal Weapon of U.S. Policy," 1953), Kavei-Yesod ha-Mishpat ha-Bein-Le'umi (2 vols., 1959–61), and Hitpatteḥuyyot Ḥadishot be-Mishpat u-ve-Irgunim Bein-Le'ummiyyim (1967); and he edited Zarys prawa międzynarodowego publicznego ("Outlines of Public International Law," 2 vols., 1955–56) and the quarterly Be'ayot Bein-Le'ummiyyot.


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