Moses of Evreux

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MOSES OF EVREUX (Moses b. Schne'or ), one of three brothers known as Gedolei Evreux ("the greatest [scholars] of Evreux") in the first half of the 13th century. Moses was the brother of *Isaac of Evreux and apparently a pupil of *Samson of Sens. Moses' individual teaching cannot always be identified since it is incorporated with that of his brothers, the whole being referred to by the rishonim as "the view of Evreux." He is mentioned by name, however, in the Shitah Mekubbeẓet to Bava Kamma and in late collections of tosafot to Zevaḥim, Menaḥot, and Bekhorot. His comments on the Pentateuch are known from the Sefer ha-Gan of Aaron b. Joseph ha-Kohen. The similarity of some of his ethical sayings quoted in the Kol Bo to Nahmanides' "Ethical Letter" to his son led some scholars to ascribe the latter work to Moses, but there are no solid grounds for doing so. Moses' son, Samuel, is referred to as the author of a prayer book. The work Al ha-Kol (published in Ha-Goren, 7 (1908)) containing rulings, halakhot, and customs, was compiled by one of his pupils.


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