Mont-Cornillon, Monastery of

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In Liège, Belgium, originally a double monastery. In 1106 Bp. Albert of Liège gave a chapel there to canons regular, who in 1124? became Premonstratensians under the Abbot Luke (works ed. by J. Faber, Frankfurt 1538). In 1140 some of the nuns went to Reckheim. Those who remained at Mont-Cornillon were thereafter regarded as Augustinian canonesses rather than as Norbertines. St. juliana (d. 1258), who began the devotion to Corpus Christi, lived there. In 1360 the convent was transferred to Carthusians, who were suppressed in 1796. A Carmelite convent now occupies the site. The male community moved to Beaurepart on the riverside in 1288 and continued as a flourishing Norbertine abbey of the circary (province) of floreffe. Its abbots obtained the right to wear the ring in 1390 and the miter in 1659. Beaurepart was suppressed in 1796 and is now used for the bishop's residence and the major seminary.

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