Mishmar Ha-Sharon

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MISHMAR HA-SHARON (Heb. מִשְׁמַר הַשָּׁרוֹן; "Guard of the Sharon"), kibbutz in central Israel, in the Ḥefer Plain, affiliated with Iḥud ha-Kevuẓot ve-ha-Kibbutzim, founded in 1933. Mishmar ha-Sharon developed intensive, irrigated farming, including citrus, and dairy cattle; it pioneered in raising flowers. The kibbutz also operated a bakery, one of the oldest and biggest in the country and the mainstay of its economy. After it burned down, many of the kibbutz members began to work outside the kibbutz, contributing their salaries to the common fund. In 1969 the population was 400; in 2002, 447.



[Efraim Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]