Mevorakh Ha-Bavli

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MEVORAKH HA-BAVLI (11th century), paytan and poet. Although his family was Babylonian, Mevorakh lived in Ereẓ Israel or its surroundings. In the Cairo *Genizah, parts of his divan were found, including both religious and secular poems, some of which have been published by various scholars. He was one of the first poets in the Oriental countries supported by philanthropic contributions, and, in his poems, explicitly appeals for support, adding praise for those who furnish it. In one of his poems, he mentions the philanthropist Abraham b. Samuel, from whom he requested a "night shroud" (i.e., a sheet), and, in another, one of his friends, R. *Abiathar b. Elijah ha-Kohen, the author of Megillat Evyatar. An acrostic bearing the name of the recipient, Yasa (?) ha-Kohen, appears in still another poem.


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