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MAZER , U.S. family of business executives. abraham mazer (1876–1953) was born in Goshcha, Ukraine. He went to the United States at the age of 17 and started a paper business in Hartford, Connecticut, later managing it from New York City. In 1952 the company, the Hudson Pulp and Paper Corporation, had a sales volume of $36 million and plants in four states, and held half a million acres of woodland in Florida and Maine. Mazer played a leading role in the United Jewish Appeal, the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, and the Jewish National Fund. He supported Yeshiva University in New York and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and founded the Abraham Mazer Free Loan Bank of Israel. His three sons, jacob (1898–1968), joseph M. (1899–1979), and william (1905–1998), took over the corporation's executive posts. They were active in Jewish charity work, taking a special interest in undertakings benefiting Israel. The family sponsored the American-Israeli Paper Mills in Ḥadera, Israel.