Malach, Leib

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MALACH, LEIB (pseudonym of Leib Salzman ; 1894–1936), Yiddish poet and dramatist. Born in Zwolen, Poland, he had a traditional education, lived in Warsaw in 1907–22, and worked at various trades until his literary talent was discovered by the novelist H.D. *Nomberg. From 1922 until his death in Paris, he lived in a number of countries, his longest stay being in Argentina. He began his literary career with songs and ballads, later turning to prose and drama. His travel sketches were widely read, and his drama Ibergus ("Overflow," 1926) about white slave traffic helped in the struggle against this social evil in Buenos Aires. His novel Don Domingo's Kraytsveg ("Don Domingo's Crusade," 1930) is an epic of adventurous and idealistic Jewish life in Latin America.


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