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MAKKEDAH (Heb. מַקֵּדָה), Canaanite city in the Shephelah which marked the farthest limit of the Israelite pursuit of the five kings who united to punish Gibeon but were defeated at Aijalon (Josh. 10). The kings fled to a cave at Makkedah where they were captured and executed by hanging in the Israelite camp. The city was afterward conquered and destroyed and, accordingly, the king of Makkedah is mentioned in the list of defeated Canaanite cities (Josh. 12:16). In the topographical description of Judah, it is located, with Lachish, in the southern Shephelah (Josh. 15:41). Eusebius places the city 8 mi. (c. 13 km.) to the east of Eleutheropolis (Bet Guvrin; Onom. 126:22ff.). The identification of the ancient site is uncertain.


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[Michael Avi-Yonah]