Makin' Baby

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Makin' Baby ★ 2002 (R)

Newlyweds Michael and Alicia are having a tough time coping with the married life itself, when Alicia suddenly raises the stakes, deciding she wants a baby. If that isn't enough to push hip-hop-hopeful Michael over the edge, the temptation of a slimy music exec (Mystikal, in his feature debut) offering to take him under his wing and transform him into a fulltime rhymin' thug puts the sweethearts in danger. Meanspirited jokes fall flat and come at the worst times. Fans of Mystikal will be severely dissed by his limited screen time. And, nope, he doesn't even rap. 94m/C VHS, DVD . Portia Realer, Aaron Spears, Mystikal, Sheila Lussier, Kim Hill; D: Paul Wynne; W: Brennon Jones. VIDEO