Lipman, Jacob Goodale

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LIPMAN, JACOB GOODALE (1874–1939), U.S. soil chemist and bacteriologist. Lipman was born in Friedrichstadt, Latvia. His parents were expelled from Moscow in 1888, and went to the U.S. In 1898 he joined the New Jersey State Agricultural Experimental Station and was its director from 1911. In 1910 he became professor of soil fertility and bacteriology at Rutgers and from 1913 to 1939 was professor of agriculture. Among the books he wrote were Bacteria in Relation to Country Life (1908) and A Laboratory Guide of Soil Bacteriology (1911, with P.E. Brown). He edited several journals including Soil Science which he founded in 1916.

Lipman was director of the *Jewish Agricultural Society. In 1927 he was on the commission of experts surveying Palestine, and in 1929 he became a member of the Jewish Agency for Palestine.


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