Lichtenbaum, Joseph

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LICHTENBAUM, JOSEPH (1895–1968), Hebrew writer. Born in Warsaw, Lichtenbaum moved to Moscow, where he was one of the co-founders of *Habimah in 1918. In 1920 he immigrated to Ereẓ Israel. He published poems and essays on writers and books of both Hebrew and general literature, and also translated a great deal of poetry and prose from world literature. Among his works are Sefer ha-Shirim (1944); Sha'ul Tchernichowsky (1946, 1953); Sofereinu (1949); Soferei Yisrael (1959 and after); Bi-Netivei Sifrut (1962), essays and reflections; Sifrutenu ha-Ḥadashah (1963), the development of poetry and prose in Hebrew literature; Meshorerim Olamiyyim (1966); and Yosef Ḥayyim Brenner (1967). He also published anthologies, including Ha-Sippur ha-Ivri ("The Hebrew Story," vol. 1 (1955), from Mapu to Shneur; vol. 2 (1960), from Burla to the present) with an introduction in each volume discussing the development of the Hebrew story; Tekumah (1958), Israel poetry and prose, including bibliographical notes; andShiratenu (2 vols. (1962), from M.Ḥ. Luzzatto to Bialik, and from Bialik to the present) including an introduction on the development of modern Hebrew poetry.


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