Levi, Joshua Joseph ben David

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LEVI, JOSHUA JOSEPH BEN DAVID (c. 1700), Venetian Hebrew poet. His elegies on the death of various contemporaries are all distinguished by their excellent style. Among those lamented are Moses *Zacuto, Abraham Ẓemaḥ (a lamentation for both in 24 octaves, 1692?), Samuel *Aboab (1694?), and Mose Merari. Joshua Joseph's best-known piece is Kos Tanḥumim (Venice, 1707), being an elegy on Mose Levi Muggia, part of which was republished by J. Schirmann in his anthology (1934). A prose introduction and a sonnet by Levi are printed in Samson *Morpurgo's Eẓ ha-Da'at (Venice, 1704, p. 37a–b).


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[Jefim (Hayyim) Schirmann]