Levi, Benedetto

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LEVI, BENEDETTO (Baruch Isaac ; 1846–80), Italian rabbi and scholar. He was born in Ferrara and graduated from the rabbinical seminary in Padua in 1872. From 1872 to 1875 he was in Nizza Monferrato and from 1875 in Ferrara. He wrote Cenni bibliografici sulla Bibbia Luzzatto (1876); Ḥikkur Din (1877), on the death penalty in talmudic law; Il sommo sacerdozio appresso gli antichi ebrei (1880); Tahanunei Benei Yisrael, 12 penitential prayers (in Kobez al Jad, 4, 1888). Among his essays are biographies on Jacob Daniel *Olmo (in Ha-Maggid, 16, 1872); Phinehas Ḥai *Anav (ibid., 17, 1873); Azariah de' *Rossi (in Italian, 1869); Isaac *Lampronti (in Italian and in Hebrew, 1871); and on the Jewish poets of Ferrara (in Kevodha-Levanon, vols. 10, 11). Together with S.Z.H. *Halberstamm he edited Takkanot Ḥakhamim (in Ivri Anokhi, 15, 1879), on the regulations adopted at the conference of Jewish delegates held at Ferrara in 1554.


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