Leobard, Ss.

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The name of two saints of the sixth and seventh centuries.

Leobard (Liberd) of Tours, Benedictine recluse of Auvergne; d. c. 593. After the death of his parents, who had wanted him to marry, he lived for 22 years as a recluse in the Diocese of Tours under the spiritual direction of gregory of tours, who also wrote his life. Leobard founded the Abbey of marmoutier and was its first abbot.

Feast: Jan. 18 (Roman martyrology); Feb. 13 (Tours).

Leobard of Maursmünster, abbot, disciple of Waldebert, known also as Liuberat in the necrology of Reichenau, founded the Abbey of Maursmünster; d. c. 660.

Feast: Dec. 31; Feb. 25.

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