Lawson, John Howard

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LAWSON, JOHN HOWARD (1895–1977), U.S. playwright. With the 1925 production of his Processional, Lawson became known as a leading exponent of expressionist and social drama. His works include Loud Speaker (1927), a political farce; International (1927); Success Story (1932); Gentlewoman (1934); and Marching Song (1937), a labor drama. He also wrote The Hidden Heritage (1950), a cultural history of America, and Film: The Creative Process (1964). His thoughts on writing and film can be found in his Theory and Technique of Playwrighting (1936) and Film in the Battle of Ideas (1953).


G. Carr, The Left Side of Paradise: The Screenwriting of John Howard Lawson (1984).

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Lawson, John Howard

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