Lánczy, Gyula

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LÁNCZY, GYULA (1850–1911), Hungarian historian. Born in Pest, Lánczy studied law and spent several years in the civil service before turning to historical studies. In 1886 he was appointed professor at Kolozsvár, and in 1891 became professor of medieval history at the University of Budapest. Lánczy's studies ranged over a variety of subjects in history – including literary history – political science, and foreign affairs. They included the history of the Magyars, the poetry of the Kuruc, and Hungarian political reform during the first half of the 19th century. In medieval history, his favorite subjects were the conflict between the empire and the clergy, the constitution of Italian cities, and the religious and political movements of the 14th and 15th centuries. Lánczy's book, Történelmi kor-ésjellemrajzok ("Monographs and Historical Portraits," 1890), illustrates his literary studies, while Magyarország az Árpádok korában ("Hungary during the Period of the Árpáds," 1898) exemplifies his historiographical method. He converted to Christianity.

[Jeno Zsoldos]