Land and Freedom

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Land and Freedom ★★★ 1995

Earnestly talky drama focusing on idealist Liverpudlian communist David Carr (Hart), who heads to Spain in 1937 to fight against Franco's fascists. What David learns is that the Republican forces, made up of independent militia, are bitterly divided, with much infighting and betrayal from the Stalinist forces within David's own party. He falls for socialist Blanca (Pastor) and learns how terrifying and haphazard war can be (with timeout for ideological discussions). Sympathetic characters and sweeping action help to compensate for the political polemics. 109m/C VHS . GB SP GE Ian Hart, Rosana Pastor, Iciar Bollain, Tom Gilroy, Frederic Pierrot, Marc Martinez, Angela Clarke, Dave Allen; D: Ken Loach; W: Jim Allen; C: Barry Ackroyd; M: George Fenton. Cesar '96: Foreign Film.