Kutscher, Edward Yechezkel

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KUTSCHER, EDWARD YECHEZKEL (1909–1971), Hebraist. Kutscher studied in his native Slovakia, in Frankfurt on the Main, and then in Jerusalem. After teaching for some time in schools in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, he was appointed secretary of the Hebrew Language Academy (1942), lecturer in Hebrew at the Hebrew University (1949), and professor (1960). From 1958 he also lectured at Bar-Ilan University. Kutscher's published work includes a study of the linguistic background of the Dead Sea Isaiah Scroll (Heb. and Eng., 1959); Millim ve-Toledoteihen (1961), with a summary in English; and Language of the "Genesis Apocryphon" (1967). He was editor of Leshonenu (the organ of the Hebrew Language Academy) from 1965. Kutscher also translated into Hebrew the German text of a number of art books, such as J. Bab's work on Rembrandt (1952), and works by others on V. Van Gogh (1953), and A. Rodin (1948). A collection of Kutscher's research work in Hebrew and Aramaic edited by Ze'ev Ben Ḥayyim, Aharon Dotan, and Gad Ben Ami Zarfaty, was published posthumously in 1977.


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