Kuno of Trier, St.

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Archbishop; b. Pfullingen, Swabia, Germany, 1016;d. Ürzig, June 1, 1066. Kuno (or Conrad) was cathedral provost under his uncle, Archbishop anno ii of Cologne, under whose influence henry iv named Kuno archbishop of Trier (1066), investing him with ring and staff. The people and clergy of Trier objected to this violation of their electoral rights, and a force under Count Theoderich, the protector of Trier, captured Kuno at Bitburg, en route to his coronation. After two weeks' imprisonment at Ürzig on the Moselle River, he was killed by a vassal of Theoderich. Bishop Theoderich of Verdun brought the body to Tholey monastery, where Kuno was venerated as saint and martyr, although his cult did not spread.

Feast: June 1.

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Kuno of Trier, St.

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