Krug, Wilhelm Traugott°

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KRUG, WILHELM TRAUGOTT ° (1770–1842), German philosopher. While professor of philosophy at Leipzig University, Krug supported the complete *emancipation of German Jewry; indeed, the term itself became common through his Ueber das Verhaeltnis verschiedener Religionsparteien zum Staate und ueber die Emanzipation der Juden (1828). In his next work, Die Politik der Christen und die Politik der Juden in mehr als tausendjaehrigem Kampfe (1832), he demanded that freedom of occupation, mixed marriages, and instruction in common be permitted as a means of ending the eternal feud between Jews and Christians. Krug, who also demanded full equality for Catholics and all sectarians, striving for the fusion of all religions, actively sponsored his proposals in the Saxonian Diet and encouraged Bernhard *Beer and other leaders in their demands for emanicipation.


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