Kronik (Kornik, Karnik), Moses ben Akiva

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KRONIK (Kornik, Karnik ), MOSES BEN AKIVA (first half of 19th century), rabbi and author. He wrote Tefillah ve-Todah (Breslau, 1814), a collection of hymns and prayers for the Jewish community of Glogau, Lower Silesia, to commemorate the lifting of a siege on April 24, 1814. This was published both in Hebrew and in Meyer Neumark's German translation. Kronik's most important book is Yemin Moshe (Breslau, 1824), a homiletic work of 17 she'arim ("gates," chapters), each of which opens with a poem suggesting the themes to be treated. The themes, ethical and religious, include the love of God, teshuvah ("repentance"), and slander. In the concluding chapters Kronik deals with the problem of philosophic and scientific research and faith, holding that the results of such research must be compatible with faith. Moreover, he believed that everything discoverable by research can be found in the Torah. Evel Yaḥid, an elegy on the death of Abraham Tiktin, the rabbi of Glogau, appears in the appendix of the work.


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