Kracauer, Isidor

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KRACAUER, ISIDOR (1852–1923), gymnasium teacher, historian of Frankfurt Jewry. Kracauer was born in Sagan, Germany, studied philology and history at the University of Breslau, receiving a doctorate, and from 1876 taught at the Philanthropin school at Frankfurt on the Main as a teacher of history. He published numerous studies on the history of Frankfurt Jews. His chief works are Urkundenbuch zur Geschichte der Juden in Frankfurt am Main von 11501400, (1914); the two-volume Geschichte der Juden in Frankfurt a. M., 11501824 (1925–27), and (with A. Freimann) Frankfurt (translated from the German ms. by Bertha Szold Levin, Philadelphia 1929). For a list of his works see M. Brann, Geschichte des Juedisch-theologischen Seminars… in Breslau (1904), 175.


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