Kosice, Gyula

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KOSICE, GYULA (Fernando Falik ; 1924– ), Argentine sculptor. Born in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, he was taken to Buenos Aires in 1928 and became an Argentine citizen. Kosice published many works on the plastic arts. He was cofounder of the revues Arturo in 1944 and Invention in 1945. Kosice was one of the early promotors of abstract constructivism and kinetic art in Latin America. In 1946 he founded the group "Art Madi." From this time Kosice began to work in Plexiglas and to create sculpture in which light and movement became essential elements. In 1957, Kosice went to Paris where he had the first exhibition of hydraulic sculpture. In 1963 he organized the exhibition "L'Art Argentin Actuel" at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, where an entire room was devoted to kinetic art.

[Gunter Bohm]