Kosice, Gyula (1924–)

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Kosice, Gyula (1924–)

Gyula Kosice (b. 26 April 1924), Argentine painter and sculptor, born in Hungary. Kosice came to Argentina at age three. He studied at free academies from 1937 to 1942 and later at the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires and at the National School of Fine Arts. He founded the Grupo Madí art movement as well as the Asociación de Arte Concreto-Invención, a nonfigurative group. ("Madí," like Dada, is an arbitrary word.) Kosice designed the Hydrospatial City. He is the creator of hydrokinetic art and neon luminal sculpture. A member of the Argentine Writers' Society (SADE), Kosice wrote eight books, among them Herbert Read (1955), Poème hydranlique (1960), Arte Hidrocinético (1968), Arte y arquitectura de agua (1974), and Arte Madí (1980, 1982). His works are highly personal and imaginative, effecting a sense of tranquillity.

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