Kokhav Yair

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KOKHAV YAIR (Heb. כוכב יאיר), urban community in central Israel, east of *Kefar Sava. In 1981, 15 families settled in temporary houses, and two years later the first permanent foundations were laid. Between 1986 and 1996, about 800 families joined the settlement. In 2002 its population was 4,840, occupying an area of 0.65 sq. mi. (1.7 sq. km.). The settlement's population is mixed, secular and religious, Israeli-born and new immigrants. Among them are 100 immigrant families from South Africa. In 2003 the local council of Kokhav Yair was united with that of *Ẓur Yigal. The settlement is named after Avraham *Stern (known as "Ya'ir"), the Lehi underground leader.



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