Joscio, Bl.

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Monk at saint-bertin, near Saint-Omer, diocese of Arras, France, also known as Josbert, Joscius, or Valbebertus; d. there, apparently Nov. 30, 1163 (or 1186). According to legendary material incorporated into the Speculum Maius by vincent of beauvais (8.116), five roses were said to have sprouted from Joscio's head at his death. Each carried a letter of the name Maria. thomas of cantimprÉ in his Bonum universale de apibus (2.29) calls the monk "Josbert" and reports that this miraculous phenomenon took place at Déols (Berry). The monk's grave was under the small choir altar at Saint-Bertin, and the miracle was depicted in the ambulatory of the choir. He received his own feast at Saint-Bertin's in 1619.

Feast: Nov. 30.

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