Hispana Versio

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A canonical collection dated between 419 and 451 in Rome. The collection is known in Africa as Corpus canonum Africanum. It is known in three collations: the Antiqua-originalis contains the canons of the Councils of Nicaea (except for the last canon), Ancyra, Neocaesarea, Gangra, Antioch, Laodiceaall of these under the same enumerationas well as those of Constantinople, Sardica, and the African Council of 419, and is preserved in the collections of Freising and Würzburg; the Vulgata contains all the canons of Nicaea, Ancyra, Neocaesarea, and Gangra, and is preserved most completely in the collections of St. Blaise, St. Maurus, and in the quesnelliana; the Isidoriana-gallica (following the plan of the Antiqua ) is preserved in the Gallic collections. According to W. M. Peitz, the Hispana Versio is the work of dionysius exiguus.

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