Hidulf, Ss.

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Name of two saints who lived in the late seventh and early eighth centuries.

Hidulf of Regensburg, founder of moyenmoutier ;d. July 11 c. 707. He was a monk at Saint-Maximin in Trier, later chorbishop in the diocese, and finally a hermit in the Vosges Mountains around whom other hermits gathered to form the abbey of Moyenmoutier. He was chosen as the secondary patron of the 17th-century Benedictine congregation of Saint-Vanne et Saint-Hydulphe.

Feast: July 11.

Hidulf of Lobbes, count of Hainaut, monk; d. June 23, 707. A Frankish noble and close friend of Pepin of Heristal, he aided SS. landelin and ursmar in the foundation of the abbey of lobbes (province of Hainaut, Belgium), where he ended his days as a monk with the consent of his wife, St. Aya (Austregildis or Agia; d. c. 714).

Feast: June 23.

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Hidulf, Ss.

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