Henry of Gorkum

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Theologian; b. Gorkum, c. 1386; d. Cologne, 1431. In 1418 he was listed as a doctor at the University of Paris. The following year he taught philosophy at Cologne, and from 1420 he was director of a school of arts that apparently he founded in that city at his own expense. Later he was appointed a canon of the basilica of St. Ursula and pro-chancellor of the University of Cologne. He was active on the side of thomism in the famous dispute between the followers of St. Albert and those of St. Thomas Aquinas at the university. He left a fairly large number of works, some of them still unedited. Among the most important are his Conclusiones et concordantiae Bibliorum et canonum in libros Magistri Sententiarum (Cologne 1489), Compendium Summae Theologiae sancti Thomae (Esslingen 1473), Tractatus consultorii circa divinas et humanas actiones et quorundam Bohemorum errores emergentes (Cologne 1503).

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