Ḥarizi, Abu Isaac Abraham

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ḤARIZI, ABU ISAAC ABRAHAM (fl. c. 1100), Hebrew poet of Toledo, Spain. Moses Ibn Ezra mentions him in his poetics (tr. by A. Halkin, Kitab al-Muhadara wal-Mudhakara (1975), 40b) as being a contemporary of Abu Harun ibn Abi al-'Aysh. Judah *Al-Ḥarizi praises Abraham's verses in two passages in the Taḥkemoni (ed. by Kaminka (1899), 39, 41). It is uncertain whether he belonged to the same family as Judah al-Ḥarizi, being probably two generations older. A number of poems, known to have been composed by a "Ḥarizi" (Maḥzor Aleppo, Siftei Renanot, Karaite Rite and Ms.), may be Abraham's. There were, however, also other Ḥarizis (Ms. Adler 135 contains poems by a Simḥah Ḥarizi).


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[Jefim (Ḥayyim) Schirmann]