Ḥarif Ha-Levi

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ḤARIF HA-LEVI , family of rabbis and scholars in Poland in the 17th and 18th centuries. The founder of the family was solomon ben isaac abraham of Przemysl (d. 1638), a pupil of Joshua *Falk, and son-in-law of Joseph ha-Kohen. He was rabbi of Lemberg when he died. His elder son, isaac segal, was the son-in-law of Samuel *Edels, and rabbi of Rymanow. He was the ancestor of many generations of rabbis and scholars including Ephraim Zalman *Margalioth of Brody and Samuel Kamnitzer, great-grandfather of Eisik Segal of Lemberg. Solomon's second son, moses segal, was rabbi of Polna and later head of a yeshivah in Lemberg. Moses' son, joseph segal (d. 1702), was rabbi of Przemysl, and the Ḥakham Ẓevi (Ẓevi Hirsch *Ashkenazi) said of him that his only transgression was his disobedience of the takkanah of Usha which laid it down that one should not give more than one fifth of one's income to charity. jekuthiel zalman segal, son of Joseph, was the first rabbi of Drohobycz, appointed in 1670. Of his six sons, all of whom were rabbis, the most distinguished was isaac ha-levi. nathan neta, another son of Jekuthiel, was rabbi and av bet din of Lemberg. He died apparently in 1776.


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[Yehoshua Horowitz]