Ḥalafta ben Saul

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HALAFTA BEN SAUL (early third century c.e.), Palestinian amora. Ḥalafta taught beraitot which are cited both in the Jerusalem Talmud (Ber. 1:8, 3c; Pe'ah 2:6, 17a; Shev. 2:7, 34a; Hag. 3:7, 79d, et al.) and in the Babylonian (Zev. 93b; mk 10a; see Dik. Sof. ibid.). It is possible that he is to be identified with the Taḥlifa b. Saul who taught a baraita quoted in the Babylonian Talmud (Men. 7b, et al.). An aggadah is also cited in his name (Ber. 29a). It has been suggested by some that he was the brother of Johanan b. Saul, and Yose b. Saul, a pupil of *Judah ha-Nasi.


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[Zvi Kaplan]