Goldman, Moses Ha-Kohen

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GOLDMAN, MOSES HA-KOHEN (1863–1918), U.S. Hebrew teacher and journalist. A native of Pinsk, he studied at the Volozhin yeshivah and then under R. Isaac Hirsch *Weiss, in Vienna. Later he journeyed to London and, in 1890, settled in the United States where he became a teacher, a printer, and, finally, a journalist. He founded the short-lived Hebrew journal Ha-Moreh in 1894 and then edited (1901–02), first together with Nahum Meir *Schaikewitz, then by himself Ha-Le'om, which began as a Hebrew-Yiddish monthly and then appeared only in Hebrew. In 1909 he edited the first American Hebrew daily Ha-Yom which ceased publication after 90 days but reappeared briefly in 1913. The Proverbs of the Sages which he first published in Ha-Le'om with translations in English was republished in a separate book in New York (1916).


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