Goitein, Baruch Benedict

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GOITEIN, BARUCH BENEDICT (c. 1770–1842), Hungarian rabbi and author. Goitein was born in the town of Kojetin, Moravia and studied in the yeshivah of Moses *Mintz in Budapest. He was appointed rabbi in Hőgyesz, in Hungary. Goitein's fame rests upon his Kesef Nivḥar, 3 parts, Prague, 1827–28; repr. of 2nd ed., 1966, an examination of, and commentary on, 160 talmudic themes. Although a product of the Hungarian method of study, the close approximation of his method with that customary in the Lithuanian yeshivot made his work very popular in talmudic circles. He resigned from his rabbinical office in 1841 and was succeeded the following year by his son Ẓevi hirsch (Hermann; 1805–1860) author of Yedei Moshe (1905) on the 613 commandments.


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