Giser, Moses David

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GISER, MOSES DAVID (Moyshe ; 1893–1952), Yiddish writer and editor. Born in Radom (Poland), Giser was deported during World War i for labor in Germany. In 1919, he published his first poem in Der Yidisher Arbeter (Vienna). Returning to Warsaw in 1921, he joined the Yiddish expressionistic group *Khaliastre. He emigrated to Argentina in 1924, where he taught in Yiddish schools, continued publishing his works (many under his pseudonym David Bender), operated a printing press, and edited the Yiddish publications Zid-Amerike, Pasific, and Dos Yidishe Vort. While his early lyrics focused on Polish Jews in cities and villages, his later lyrics dealt with Latin American scenes and people. A posthumous edition of his selected works appeared as Dos Gezang fun a Lebn ("The Song of a Life," 1953).


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