Gisel, Ernst

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Gisel, Ernst (1922– ). One of the most successful Swiss architects of the second half of C20, he has designed a wide variety of buildings. Interested in flexibility and technology, his Park Theatre, Grenchen (1949–55), demonstrates this. Working from first principles, his compositions are often made up of colliding and disparate forms, notably in the Reformed Church, Effretikon, Zürich (1956–61). Other works include the Gisel House and Studio, Zürich (1972–5), the High School, Liechtenstein (1969–73), and Town Hall and Centre, Fellbach, near Stuttgart, Germany (1979–82). His new building inserted in a courtyard at the University, Zürich (1991), is clearly expressed as such, floating above the space, and his Regierungsgebäude (Government Offices), Vaduz, Liechtenstein (1992), is a comprehensive development.


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