Gilead, Zerubavel

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GILEAD, ZERUBAVEL (1912–1988), Hebrew poet, writer, and editor. Born in Bendery, Bessarabia, his family immigrated to Palestine in 1922 and settled in the newly founded kibbutz *En-Harod, where he grew up. He was active in the Ha-No'ar ha-Oved and He-Ḥalutz youth movements, served as an emissary of the latter in Poland, and was information officer of the *Palmaḥ and a member of its general staff during Israel's War of Independence. His poems, stories, and articles appeared in numerous journals and newspapers from 1929. His works include Ne'urim (poems, 1936), Marot Gilbo'a (sketches, 1943), Aggadot Yaldut (poems, 1947), Siḥah al ha-Ḥof (stories, 1954), Nahar Yarok (poems, 1956), Siḥah she-Lo Tammah (essays, 1965), Yam shel Ma'alah (poems, 1967), Ha-Kikhli (poems, 1978), Or ha-Har (poems, 1986), and Be-Ẓel ha-Te'enah (poems, 1988). From 1956, he was one of the editors of Mi-Bifenim, a periodical of Ha-Kibbutz ha-Me'uḥad, and was an editor of the Kibbutz ha-Me'uḥad publishing house. An English translation of his selected poems appeared in 1983. For further English translations, see Goell, Bibliography, index.


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