Frolkis, Vladimir Veniaminovich

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FROLKIS, VLADIMIR VENIAMINOVICH (1924–1999), Ukrainian physiologist and gerontologist. Frolkis was born in the Ukraine (Zhitomir). He was one of the founders of the Institute of Gerontology in Kiev, where he headed the Department of Biology of Aging and the Laboratory of Physiology. His research interests covered all major fields of experimental gerontology with particular emphasis on neurohormonal mechanisms of aging and longevity. He developed the adaptive-regulatory theory of aging. He was the author of more than 700 works, including 25 monographs and 15 handbooks. Among them is a fundamental work on Life Span Prolongation (1991). Frolkis was a full member of the National Academy of Sciences and vice president of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Ukraine, a member of the International Parliament of Humanitarians, and a Merited Professor of the International Science Foundation. He received many awards, including a State Prize in Science and Technology, the A.A. Bogomolets Award and the I.I. Mechnikov Award from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the Fritz Verzar Medal.


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[Vadim Fraifeld (2nd ed.)]

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Frolkis, Vladimir Veniaminovich

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