Friedmann, Daniel

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FRIEDMANN, DANIEL (1936– ), Israeli professor of law. Born in Israel, Friedman studied law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem prior to his army service. He is a professor of law at Tel Aviv University, where he was also dean of the Law Faculty, 1974–78. Friedmann was a member of the Commission of Inquiry (chaired by Justice M. Beiski) appointed by the president of the Supreme Court to investigate the price manipulation of bank shares. He as a member of a number of legislative advisory committees and the Advisory Committee for the Codification of Civil Law in Israel (chaired by Chief Justice A. *Barak) appointed by the minister of justice. He also served as an adviser to the Restatement (Third) of the Law of Restitution. Friedmann participated in the establishment of the Cegla Institute for Comparative and Private International Law at Tel Aviv University and was its first director. He also participated in establishing the Law School of the College of Management and was its first dean. He published numerous books on various spheres of law: insurance, contract, damages, and other topics. In 1991 he received the Israel Prize for social sciences.