Fridolin of Säckingen, St.

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Abbot, apostle of the Upper Rhine; b. Ireland; d. Säckingen, Germany, sixth or seventh century. Despite his noble Irish parentage, he exercised his sacerdotal ministry in Ireland by traveling from city to city, preaching the word of God. After crossing over to France, he continued his work as an itinerant preacher until he reached Poitiers, where he rediscovered the lost relics of St. hilary of poitiers. Upon resuming his journeys, he went to Strasbourg, Constance, and Chur (Switzerland), establishing churches along the way. A vision finally directed him to the uninhabited island of Säckingen in the Rhine, where he founded a monastery and built a church. He is buried there. His cult is popular in Germany, Switzerland, and Ireland.

Feast: Oct. 18.

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[o. l. kapsner]

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