Fresco, David

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FRESCO, DAVID (1853–1936), Turkish journalist. Fresco started his journalistic activities in Yeheskal (Isaac) Gabay's El Telegrafo, where he worked for two years. He then moved to El Tyempo and became its last owner. El Tyempo, published in Ladino, soon became the most influential newspaper of its time, with a circulation of up to 10,000. After the Young Turk Revolt of 1908 it took a strong pro-Ottoman stance and reflected Fresco's anti-Zionist views. He closed the newspaper on March 27, 1930, and moved to Nice, where he spent his last years together with his sons. His books include Le Sionisme (1909) and Lecture Edifiante de Morale Juive (1929).


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[Rifat Bali (2nd ed.)]