Frenkel, Iẓḥak Yedidiah

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FRENKEL, IẒḤAK YEDIDIAH (1913– ), Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Frenkel was born in Luntshits (Leczyca), Poland, and studied in Warsaw under Rabbi Menahem *Zemba, in whose home he stayed and whose works he prepared for publication. In 1935, he immigrated to Ereẓ Israeland was appointed rabbi of the poor Florentin area of Tel Aviv, mostly inhabited by Jews of Oriental origin. During the nearly 40 years that he held this position, he gained a reputation and endeared himself to the community as the "people's rabbi," entering into the lives of his community and exerting himself to the utmost in dealing with their many problems. His humble home was open to all. Frenkel was responsible for the institution of the Second Hakafot on the night after Simhat Torah, which has become one of the major popular religious features of modern Israel. In 1973 he was elected unopposed as Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Tel Aviv in succession to Rabbi Shlomo *Goren.

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