Fox (Fuchs), Jacob Samuel

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FOX (Fuchs ), JACOB SAMUEL (1868–1938), journalist and educator. Born in Bialystok, Russia, he obtained his rabbinical diploma at the Berlin Rabbinical Seminary and pursued his secular studies at Berlin and Berne. Turning to journalism, he edited Ha-Maggid he-Ḥadash (1891–98) and (together with A. Guenzig) Ha-Eshkol (1898–1912). A research trip prompted his final move to England in 1902, after which Fox decided to foster Jewish education in Liverpool by founding a Hebrew higher grade school. He supported the establishment of the British Mizrachi and became principal of Aria College in Brighton. He was author of a monograph on Judah *Ibn Bal'am. His son, isaac solomon fox (1896–1971), practiced as a physician, was mayor of Chester (1932–33) and chairman of the British Zionist Federation (1955–56).

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Fox (Fuchs), Jacob Samuel

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