Fonte Avellana, Monastery of

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Camaldolese monastery in the Apennines, Diocese of Cagli-Pergola (former Diocese of Gubbio), central Italy. Tradition ascribes its founding (c. 1000) to Ludolf (d. 1047), a disciple of St. romuald. It flourished under St. peter damian (d. 1072) and became known for writings on asceticism, liturgy, and canon law (avellana collectio), as well as for its role in the Gregorian reform. Papal protection was granted in 1076. It was head of an eremitical congregation of 18 monasteries, eight hermitages, and 15 priories (which came under papal protection in 1301) until 1325, when it was made an abbey. After being made commendatory in 1392, it fell into decline (see commendation). In 1569 the congregation was suppressed and attached to that of camaldoli. The monastery was suppressed (180814 and 18661875) and restored as a hermitage in 1935. The Romanesque chapel and the scriptorium are noteworthy. Many saints lived at Fonte Avellana: dominic loricatus, john of lodi, albertinus, and some 50 others.

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[c. m. roggi]

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Fonte Avellana, Monastery of

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